The Jazz Scene: Mary Halvorson’s “Cloudward”

The Jazz Scene: Mary Halvorson's "Cloudward"

Over twenty years ago, Mary Halvorson, a guitar prodigy, made her debut on the jazz scene with a sound that no other singer could match. Halvorson is a very good guitarist. She can play sharp, snappy chords or soft, flowing notes with a hint of false magic. Her shows are always great. Over the course of her career, she has developed her own unique style by working on a wide range of projects with a wide range of artists and leading groups of different sizes.

The Jazz Scene: Several of these kinds of projects and partnerships

The Jazz Scene: Mary Halvorson's "Cloudward"

Halvorson is a well-known figure in the world of jazz because she has led many groups over the course of her work, such as trios, quintets, septets, and octets. She has done duets with jazz pianist Sylvie Courvoisier and Indie rocker John Dieterich. She was in the great collective group Thumbscrew and is the founder of the band Code Girl, which combines jazz and art rock.

The Jazz Scene: Changes in Sound: A Look at the Songs “Belladonna” and “Amaryllis”

Two wonderful gifts from Halvorson came our way in 2022: the songs “Amaryllis” and “Belladonna” were released on Nonesuch. “Amaryllis” was the first song by a new sextet, and the Mivos Quartet sometimes played with them. The song “Belladonna” showed how well the guitar and string instruments work together. Some of the rough edges from her earlier work were still present in these songs, but they also had an unexpected grace, lushness, and brightness to them. It was like seeing the birth of a musical style as Halvorson walked from the rough streets of New York to the peaceful trees of Prospect Park or even the rolling hills of the country. This was a truly amazing event.

“Cloudward” will be a jump into the unknown from now on.

The latest song by Halvorson is called “Cloudward,” and it will be out on Nonesuch on January 19th. Because of this, the musical trip that began with the sextet becomes more difficult.

The Jazz Scene: What Makes the Movie “Cloudward” Unique?

This song “Cloudward” shows more of Halvorson’s unique and changing way of writing music. The guitarist leads the sextet through a set of compositions and improvisations that sound like they would be fun to listen to because they have a lot of levels. From now on, it’s not just about the notes; it’s also about how the instruments work together to make a mix of sound that keeps people listening.

This is a musical trip that you should definitely take.

The album “Cloudward” by Mary Halvorson is not just another jazz song; it’s a journey through all kinds of music. Halvorson keeps finding new things and pushing the limits. The limits of what is possible with her one-of-a-kind guitar style and voice that is always changing. “Cloudward” takes you on a journey that is easy to understand. But beautifully difficult, no matter how much you know about jazz or how little you know about it. No matter how much you know about jazz, this journey will grab you from the first note. If you are with Mary Halvorson and her very skilled sextet, you are about to go on a musical journey. –koin303